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Determine core body temperature and measure calorie burn DIRECTLY using heat flux measurements....
heat flux sensor for calorie loss

An athlete training on an elliptical wearing FluxTeq’s PHFS Sensor placed between 2 compression shirts (to simulate embedding into athletic fabric) was shown to output about 200 W/m2 of heat flux over the course of a 40 minute workout on an elliptical- corresponding to about 260 calories over the course of the workout.

The human body is a sophisticated chemical reactor using metabolism for all of its activities. The energy that it produces and uses must eventually leave the body and go into the environment.  Therefore, one direct measure of the “calories burned” would be the heat transfer from the body.


Most wearable devices on the market that claim to track calories burned do so through rough estimation and correlation to heart rate monitors and various sensors.  However, algorithms used to track calorie burn are extremely inaccurate.  In order for wearable devices to accurately monitor calories burned, a direct measurement of thermal energy expenditure of an individual is necessary.  This measurement can then be used to accurately monitor calories burned.  A device utilizing such measurement technology would stand out and could be used by both casual and professional athletes who would like to directly monitor their energy expenditure, optimize their training, and prevent overtraining.

Heat Flux Sensor Advantage

FluxTeq’s heat flux sensors directly measure thermal energy through surfaces.  These heat flux sensors can be placed in a wearable device or embedded into clothing to monitor thermal energy loss of an individual.  These values can then be directly translated to calories burned.


The sensor pictured has a 1 inch squared surface area but size can be customized and much smaller sensors can be designed.  Some ideas are to embed the sensor in an armband or clothes.  The sensors can be either rigid or flexible so there are a variety of applications depending on the design and required features. 


FluxTeq has the capabilities of providing these sensors in high quantities.  Have an idea for a use or application?  FluxTeq will work with you to customize a system to fit your needs. 

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