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Engineering / Consulting Services
BTU meter testing

In addition to our thermal sensor products, we offer consulting and engineering services for almost any problem involving heat transfer or thermal management.  We develop custom sensors, data logging/acquisition, and even assist with data analysis and making informed decisions from quantitative analysis.

Take a look at some of our consulting projects below.

manufacturing plant heat transfer analysis

FluxTeq was contacted by a Hanesbrands manufacturing plant to perform thermal analysis on one of their fabric curing ovens.  The $2 million oven was old and inefficient and the question was whether more insulation would enable higher efficiency or if investment in a new oven would be worth the cost.  With the use of PHFS-09e heat flux sensors and custom data logging equipment, FluxTeq determined through concrete data analysis and testing that although the insulation was poor, adding more would have little effect on the overall efficiency. FluxTeq made specific recommendations based on the findings.

HanesBrands Fabric Processing Oven Study
Explosive Safety Testing & Evaluation
fire testing heat flux sensors
explosion and fire testing heat flux consulting

An explosives test engineer contacted FluxTeq wanting to use the PHFS-01 sensors to to measure radiant heat fluxes from controlled fire/explosive tests.  Heat flux gauges are recommended / required in the testing of the reaction of explosive materials in a fire in both the UN Recommendations on Transport of Dangerous Goods Manual of Tests and Criteria.  The higher the heat flux levels are from an explosive or flammable chemical, the higher the explosive classification it falls under.  FluxTeq engineers traveled to an explosive testing lab and used PHFS-01 heat flux sensors to test and help classify various explosives and flammable chemicals.

Have a consulting project or need help solving problems related to heat transfer?


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