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Includes everything needed to perform all 14 workshop activities.


Full Education Kit for 14 Workshops

  • Each Kit Contains 0.5"x0.5" Heat Flux Sensor, Foil Thermocouple Temperature Sensor, 1"x1" Heater With Power Source, Data Acquistion Device & Software, and Raw Material Blocks Used for Testing


Include Extensive Coursework Activities, Suggested Quizzes & Homework, Instructional Videos & Manuals are all Available to the Public for Free!


Use These Lab Kits to Easily Implement Hands-On Workshops in Your Class!

  • Modular Coursework to Fit into Your Curriculum and Schedule
  • Minimal Time Needed to Conduct Workshop Activities Either in a Lab or at Student's Homes
  • Inexpensive, Simple, & Reusable Hardware
  • Tested at Virginia Tech with Great Success


Topics Covered in the Hands-On Workshop Curriculum Include

  • Heat Flux vs. Temperature
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Thermal Resistance: Parallel & Series
  • Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient
  • Convective Fins & Efficiency
  • Convective Boundary Layers
  • Lumped Capacitance
  • Transient Heat Transfer in Semi-Infinite Solids
  • Mass Transfer
  • Radiation: Black vs. Gray Bodies
  • Metabolic Heat Loss



Portable Lab Kits for Student Education

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