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Importance of Hands-on Learning

The fundamental concepts of heat transfer are very abstract and difficult to grasp, even by college-level engineering students.  Even the most advanced heat transfer courses do not involve hands-on lab activities that use heat flux sensors.  Students learning about the fundamental differences between heat and temperature should be able to learn these concepts first hand.  Click the above images to learn more.

Importance of Heat Transfer

Anywhere where a temperature difference is taking place, a transfer of heat must also be occurring. In such a fast-paced, growing, industrial world, the control and monitoring of heat transfer plays an important role in making more energy-efficient products and processes. For this reason, a solid fundamental understanding of heat transfer is critical for anyone wishing to work in the mechanical engineering field.  

The concepts of heat and work were developed many years ago to explain and solve real world engineering problems. Often, the amount of heat transfer occuring within various industrial processes is integral to determining the overal efficiency of a system. Given the importance of heat transfer, FluxTeq has observed that teaching heat transfer fundamentals early on within a student's education is essential to their understanding of heat transfer topics.

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